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Description :

Artist…..: Yahel
Album……: Architech
Type…….: Album (Retail)
Genre……: Psychedelic
Style……: Psytrance
Label……: Plusquam Records
CatalogNr..: PQT311
Url……..: http:www.plusquam-records.net
Rel.date…: 15.12.2013
Str.date…: 13.12.2013
Source…..: CDDA
Grabber….: EAC 1.0 beta 3
Encoder….: FLAC 1.2.1
Quality….: VBR 948kbps 44.1kHz Stereo Comp. Ratio: 67.2%
Tracks…..: 10
Size…….: 440.57 MB
Length…..: 69:01


01. Yahel — Pink Stars 06:10
02. Yahel — Atmoshpere (Upgrade Cut Remix) 06:39
03. Yahel & Darma — Feeding My Brain 07:41
04. Yahel & Infected Mushroom — Electro Panic (Yahel & Funk Truck Remix)06:22
05. Yahel — Intellegent Life (Invisible Reality Remix) 06:58
06. Yahel — Now Fucking Dance (System Nipel Remix) 06:58
07. Yahel — Drop Attack 06:20
08. Yahel — Automatic (Yahel & Dominant Space vs Didrapest Remix) 06:40
09. Yahel — Cat On Acid 06:33
10. Yahel — Close Your Eyes (Mindwave Remix) 08:40
Total Time: 69:01

Release Notes

After more than 3 years Israeli Psytrance and Trance superstar Yahel is back
with his latest full-length studio album ‘Architech’

We from Plusquam Records are more than proud to present the brand new
hit-album ‘Architech’ by Yahel having released 10 albums so far and worked
for more than 15 years into music business with numerous legendary labels such
as Hommega Phonokol Armada

Finally he entered Plusquam Records to fulfil his new transformation in
sounding from full-on to stompy progressive trance

He collaborated with contemporary known artists such as Mindwave Darma
System Nipel or Didrapest

His creations are melodious and punchy on the backend so it is definitely
something for your DJ stash or private music collection to be used a lot

Enjoy this new journey and do not miss this powerful new sound by Yahel!

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